So many cool dads on campus today for bruin day does the school have the capacity to contain their inherent coolness?? Stay tuned to find out

i want figs :(
i moaned


Safe Travels (Don’t Die)Lisa Hannigan

'please don't bungee jump, or ignore a strange lump'


Real-life Fairytale Castle(Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany)by O Palsson.

spesh shoutout to my cousin who is taking time out of her busy schedule as an accountant 2 watch the room!!!


Appearance | by Julio López Saguar | Website.

Oh my god my car was parked in the same spot in front of our house for 2 weeks bc I was at school and my neighbor called the cops bc apparently my car was “in the way” of her damn trash cans and today I got a warning that they’d tow it away bc u can’t “keep the same spot for over 72 hours” lolll omg like why are old white people so fucking self entitled??! I’m sorry u feel oppressed by my vehicle u stupid bitch but can u just let me live my life thanks


Summer Dipping Hole
by IamNotUnique


rob lowe seriously has the face of an angel