Lollll I was just at the do-it center w/ my aunt whose English is not that great (because she moved to the us like when she was in her 40s//irrelevant) and the lady at check out was like speaking very loudly and using hand gestures?? Like excuse me she can hear you??? Your unnecessary shouting is unnecessary?? People are so dumb

plus side to russian prisons:  many of them give tea and cookies when your family/friends come on visitation days

down side: everything else 

in the last 3 days i’ve watched 4 diff documentaries on russian prisons/soviet gulags lol 


Isn’t nature beautiful

Autumn Sunrise VII by Donald Macleod

A tale of two cities and of making beautiful mistakes… 


"hi what can i help you with?"

"good, how are you?"

just ordered some v nice black & white film that i’ll probz ruin w mediocre photos but i’m still excited :-)