is tatiana maslany even a real person how can u be that good 

aw lol my french class is going on a ‘fieldtrip’ to a COLCOA screening i’m in high school again

also what goes on in a straight guys mind when he’s trying on clothes?  how do u decide which shirt to buy?  is it ‘gay’ to like a shirt too much? does that scare u? 

why r str8 boys so afraid of being hit on by gay guys?? u should be flattered u lil shit 

sigh.  i’ve been looking for my nice black blazer for 6 months.   its been in my brother’s closet bc my mom thought it was ‘the one he wore to his recital’. 


Record store day…..

omg this was on ucla snaps A MONTH AGO I TRIPPED OVER THIS AND IT SLICED MY FOOT OPEN AND I NEARLY BLED TO DEATH but i was completely sober :( i should have sued the city how else am i gonna pay my tuition 

So many cool dads on campus today for bruin day does the school have the capacity to contain their inherent coolness?? Stay tuned to find out